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Structural Qualities

The Navrattan Crete has a wide range of Structural Qualities as compared to Ordinary Portland Cement. Few of the vital differences are listed below

  • Navrattan Crete has a strengths that can be adjusted to compression requirements.
  • Navrattan Crete(NC) has higher Tensile strength than Portland Cement (OPC) due to its intrinsic covalent bonding nature.
  • NC meets as well exceeds all the same tensing standards as OPC and excels in every category
  • Navrattan Crete has a low coefficient of expansion which facilitates it to work in freezing or tropical regions of the world.
  • Navrattan Crete is hydrophobic and therefore highly resistant or impervious to water, acids, corrosion, sulfates or more which makes it perfect to use for waterproof basements, pipe coatings, countertops, waste water tanks, fish farms, docks etc.
  • NC absolutely stops oxidation ensuring no more rusty bars in your structure as compared to that of OPC making your structures more sustainable and longer lasting.
  • NC binder gives the cement super insulating abilities that results in almost no heat transfer no matter what aggregate is used – including cellulose or rock. Portland blocks would probably explode with that much heat
  • Navrattan Crete allows Wood Chips or Mulch to be used for aggregate, to create a wood-like material that won’t rot, burn, or be eaten by insects.
  • Navrattan Crete will not dry or crack skin as lime based OPC does.
  • NC can be foamed, painted, rolled or sprayed unlike Portland Cement
  • Navrattan Cement is less expensive to produce than Portland Cement and no fossil fuels or heating of materials are needed.
  • NC will not fall apart and crack like Portland cement.