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Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of Navrattan Crete is less complicated and less polluting than the manufacturing process of Portland Cement.

Our Technology is patented using a Proprietary Binder derived through a species of Algae and other marine life, and a guarded extraction process, which ultimately transforms an Enzyme of the Algae into a highly concentrated Elastic Polymeric Powder. We use the name “Elastopolymer” because it best describes an Elastic Polymeric Cement that has Flexibility and Memory.

The Magic of Navrattan Crete Polymer is that it binds by Covalent Bonding which is a joining of two atoms when the two share a pair of electrons. Individual polymer chains in the Navrattan Crete Proprietary binder are linked together by these Covalent Bonds to form one Single Molecule with all of the Aggregates. Due to the Covalent Bonding nature of Navrattan Crete, it becomes Monolithic, and cures by an Exothermic Reaction, which intrinsically expels the water.

The whole process of extracting and binding is carefully carried out by the experts in the laboratory. Once prepared, the formula is taken forward for giving it a shape of the product.