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Employee Welfares

Employee welfare receives prime attention at Navrattan Group. We have several schemes for general welfare of employees and their families. These cover education, healthcare, retirement benefits, loans and financial assistance and recreation facilities. Keeping in mind a strong talent pipeline, we hire talent with an eye to appreciate not just the immediate and tangible value in terms of salary and benefits but the perceived value that goes beyond mere numbers.

Educational facilities and special scholarship allowances are offered to the meritorious children of our employees. Liberal medical benefits are made available to employees and their family members by way of reimbursements towards normal medical treatment, domiciliary treatments and special sanctions for serious illness. In addition, there are regular health checkups, camps and programs.

Employees are eligible to apply for loans and financial assistance for various purposes such as purchase of assets, residential premises as well as a scheme that provides for supply of cement at subsidized rates to those building their own houses. When travelling out of India or to any other country, our employees are provided with fully furnished accommodations based on their entitlements.

We also take care of providing our employed with updated training programs to keep pace with the latest technologies and practices in the industry.