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No Mining Required

Our Navrattan Crete manufacturing resources are completely natural which involves no mining as compared to that of OPC. Extraction process of limestone for the manufacturing of OPC causes cracked skin and has other harmful effects on the labors working in the mines.

Uses Less Water

Due to Navrattan Crete’s built in plasticizers, our cement uses less water and can be mixed with higher slump and not lose much strength as Portland cement would.

Can Even Be Used With Salt Water

There are places where fresh water is not in abundance. To overcome such problems, Navrattan Crete has come up with certain formulas where Salt water or even Waste water can be effectively used.

Natural Wood Chips

Allows Wood Chips or Mulch to be used for aggregate, to create a wood-like material that won’t rot, burn or be eaten by insects.

Algae & Marine Species

Our Technology is patented using a Proprietary Binder derived through a species of Algae and other marine plants, and a guarded extraction process, which ultimately transforms an Enzyme of the Algae into a highly concentrated Elastic Polymeric Powder. This polymeric powder is further used to make the cement more stronger and flexible.