About Us

Discovering the thoughts

Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt. Ltd. was conceived with a strong notion to create such alternative ways of energy generation which are high performance, sustainable and Green. The choices we make today don’t just effect what we do now...

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The Technology

Revealing the Invention

The Navrattan Crete is stronger than a conventional cement and has three times the compressive and tensile strength of Portland cement and requires significantly less energy to produce, thus leaving a substantially smaller carbon footprint.

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New Products

Navrattan White Cement


Navrattan White Putty



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Latest News


Checkout the video of our breakthrough technology in Cement Industry

Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt Ltd is introducing the Green Cement in India an innovative technology which is replacement of year’s old Portland cement. This newly formed Navrattan Green Cement is combination of green Elastopolymeric cement binder which has much higher strength than Portland cement, also meets and exceeds all testing standards as ordinary Portland cement. Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Private limited is the first and the only comapny in India to welcome a total new and innovative technology in construction material in India.

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The beginning of a New Era

Navrattan is offering a genuine a high ranking crete which is perfect for eco-conscious and friendly construction industry. This is the first step of evolving a new era in India.

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