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We have Focus on Sustainability

Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing construction materials and solutions that make a positive contribution to the built environment. By working closely with our customers, together we can reduce the environmental footprint of projects and deliver innovative, more sustainable solutions. Sustainability is embedded at the heart of our business, from our vision to our values and strategy. It guides our actions and the way we work. Sustainability matters because it is central to our collective long-term future. Not just for the financial success of Navrattan Blue Crete Industries, but also for the communities in which we work and the environment upon which we all rely. It influences how we work at every level of our business.

We are devoted to running our operations in a responsible, sustainable way and to develop such pioneering products, services and solutions to support our customers’ drive for more sustainable construction.

We take a ‘whole life’ approach, addressing not only the extraction, manufacture and transport of our products but also consider their sustainable performance in use and opportunities for reuse and recycling at end of life. We use management systems across our operations to continuously improve social, economic and environmental performance.

Our sustainability strategy confirms our key priorities, commitments and targets to drive continuous environmental improvement and embed sustainable practices throughout our business. Our four priority areas are People, Planet, Performance and Solutions. We build sustainable buildings that use-less, waste less and produce less green house gas emissions than conventional buildings.