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CMD Speaks

Himanshu Verma
Founder & CMD

Navrattan Blue Crete Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a brand new initiative to provide Indian cement industry with stronger, reliable and ‘greener’ solutions. It is now a well known fact that the cement industry in India has been marked under the ‘Red’ category which represents highly polluting industries. The product, Navrattan Crete - Green Cement, is researched and developed particularly to overcome the limitations of the industry and provide an innovative solution which is far times better than the OPC.

The company currently holds all rights of the technology and licensing various regions of the country. It is really interesting and motivating to know that more and more cement manufacturing companies are willing to adopt the change as the manufacturing process does not involve the use or large kilns and burning limestone. The materials used are very natural in nature and does not require mining procedures, thus saving a lot of expenses.

While we are confident of a brighter future with the expected commercialization of capacities, the set- up of our first prototype plant in Mumbai will boost our market presence and help enlarge our national and international footprint. Secondly, the location advantage of the plant offers proximity to raw materials and end- users, resulting in savings in logistic cost and raw material cost thus lowering the final cost of the product. Thirdly, we are poised to benefit from the policies followed in India for ecofriendly solutions that would result in significant tax benefits. This will directly contribute to our profitability levels in the coming years.

The Construction Development Lab in the Mumbai plant is undertaking Research & Development activities specific for the Indian market and Indian construction conditions. Safety is the cornerstone of the Company's performance and culture. Our plant has an innate culture safety consciousness and assured best-in-class Health & Safety standards.

On the whole, we are committed to sustainable development and will continue to do so based on our business model. This gives us the strength to enhance our offerings to serve our customers' needs even more effectively in the future. I would like to thank the Government, our customers, shareholders and our employees for their continuous support in our journey of excellence.